Darla Mack jumps on the Nokia Chronicles

Who would have thought that Nokia Chronicles will reach 22 episodes? Definitely not Adrian and Justin, two Aussies that started the podcast 22 Saturdays ago. Aussies had some great guests that were connected or influenced by Nokia, and the next guest is Darla Mack from darlamack.blogs.com/ she started back in 2004. Darla got hooked on Nokia when Nokia 8890 popped up on the movie Panic Room, and that was the beginning. 

Interestingly, Darla started blogging the same way I did, as a consumer that wanted to share a bit more real info on Nokia for other consumers spending money. Since Darla was being really keen on getting Nokia devices in the US, Nokia picked up her blog and connected with her by sending a pink Nokia N95. That day the true connection was created between Darla and Nokia

I really enjoyed listening to Darla’s memories of past Nokia days, and I do recommend spending an hour of your free time if you are a Nokia person. Click on the photo below or hit the link to start your journey on the boat called Nokia Chronicles.


Darla, do something with the smoke detector :).