Nokia 1.4 disassembly and assembly video (TechnoRabin)

The YouTube channel TechnoRabin posted a new video that will be a great instruction for repairman on how to disassemble and reassemble the Nokia 1.4. Nokia Mobile just recently announced very quietly a new super affordable Android GO Nokia 1.4, which will be retailing for €99 around the world.

The device specs do sound great, and even greater than the specs is the design. But the care centres don’t care about the stuff that most of the end-users like. To them, the simplicity of disassembly and assembly is the most important stuff.

According to the videos posted by TechnoRabin, Nokia 1.4 is super easy to disassemble and assemble. All you need is a guitar pick and a Torx screw, and that is it. After you take the plastic back cover with a plastic pick, you just need to unscrew the screws that are holding the plastic cover to reach the motherboard, camera, and battery.

Do check out the disassembly video.

After the disassembly, it is always nice to see how are you going to assemble the phone without having spare parts. So do check out the assembly video.

If you are not experienced in this kind of work or don’t have the professional tools, don’t do it. You’ll regret it later, trust me :).