New BT 5.0 Nokia device passes BT SIG certification

Nokia Mobile is slowly getting ready to announce a few more Nokia phones, and one of those is a new version of 2720 Flip. This is the TA-1295 that got certified by the FCC, and the phone shares the code name Beatles with the original 2720 from 2019. This device is going to be a new KaiOS GSM/WCDMA/LTE phone that will support Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. This device will also be heading the US if those VZW letters in the User Manual file name stand for Verizon Wireless.

Unlike the WiFi info, the FCC certificate didn’t reveal the details about Bluetooth. The missing info could be filled up with the BT SIG certificate released for the upcoming GSM/WCDMA/LTE phone. Unfortunately, the BT SIG filling does not share the model number, which would tell us for sure that the new 2720 is coming. Anyways, the phone will have BT 5.0, which could be something new for the typical KaiOS phone. Nokia 2720 Flip was announced with the support for BT 4.2, so this one could turn out to be slightly upgraded if we are talking about the TA-1295.

Nokia Mobile definitely deserves kudos for becoming rather good at controlling the leaks of its upcoming devices. The available info does not give us much, just little tidbits about their announcement plans. For example, the EUIPO page suggests we could expect at least four new Nokia devices since four unknown Nokia phone design patents were granted.

As always, the upcoming days and weeks will tell us more.