Nokia goodies coming with Nokia G20 purchase in Thailand

One of the best marketing tricks that a manufacturer can do is to bundle the product it is selling with some official accessories or goodies. Of course, the somewhat lower price might help too, but getting your device and receiving Power Earbuds alongside or some Nokia T-shirt and a mug is such a nice gesture.

Nokia did it so well back in the days, and I remember that Nokia Mix Radio was especially great in getting people’s attention by giving some superbly designed accessories, badges, stickers, and so on.

Nokia Mobile seems to be doing the same in Thailand where the buyers of the recently announced Nokia G20, the affordable mid-ranger, are being complemented with a Nokia T-shirt and a Nokia mug. It would be nice to get some protective case or a phone stand, but G20 is coming with a PU case if I’m not mistaken.

Nokia G20 started selling in Thailand on May 17, 2021, at a starting price of 4,990 baht for the Blue version, and the first buyers from the online store Nokia Official Store will receive a special gift worth 900 baht (limited). Even if limited, Nokia Mobile is finally marketing it right.

One thing I would like to see is the official Nokia logo on that shirt, but this one is nice too.