Rumor: Nokia 1.4 is next to be announced

Nokia 1.3, the ultimate affordable device with 1GB of RAM, was announced in March 2020, together with Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 8.3 5G. This device came with the Qualcomm 215 processor, 5.71” HD+LCD screen, 8 MP rear camera, 3000 mAh battery, and an announced global retail price of €95. Since it had just 1 GB of RAM, Nokia 1.3 was running the latest Android GO version of Android 10.

These specs do look OK for this affordable smartphone, but it seems that Nokia Mobile is planning to update it a bit in 2021. During December 2020, various affordable models of new Nokia smartphones like TA-1333, TA-1337, and most recently TA-1322 passed the FCC tests. All the devices have in common a 4000 mAh battery, support for LTE, and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The first two are definitely variants of the same device, but TA-1322 could be a different model since its battery capacity is 3900 mAh.

Also, the released FCC documents of TA-1322 revealed the shape of the device. It also showed us that the device will be coming with a circular camera module that resembles modules seen on Nokia 3.4, 5.4, and Nokia 8.3, and a dual-camera setup, which wasn’t present on Nokia 1.3.

Anyway, a known leaker of tech info Sudhanshu tweeted that TA-1322 might be a new Nokia 1.4. According to his insights, this Nokia 1.4 will still be coming with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, in blue and gray color options, and the price will remain close to the price of Nokia 1.3, €100. So, for 5€ more, Nokia Mobile is offering a new design, a dual-camera setup, increased battery capacity by almost 1000 mAh, and maybe a newer processor.