Nokia TA-1337 certified by FCC after TA-1333 and TA-1340

So, after TA-1333 and TA-1340, Nokia smartphone model TA-1337 got certified by the FCC. The specifications of this model are the same as the specs of the previous two. Nokia Ta-1337 is an LTE smartphone that also will be coming with a 4000 mAh and support for WiFi 2.4 GHz frequency, which is a kind of standard for affordable smartphones.
Since the FCC certification process is done for this model, it seems that the announcement event is coming close.

So, we could be seeing another affordable smartphone, maybe even two of those, coming at the global smartphone market. Again, Nokia Mobile is flooding the market with affordable smartphones, but if they can keep up with the quality and provide better software than the rest, then there is a place for Nokia phones there.