New Nokia TA-1322 back design revealed by FCC, coming with 4000 mAh battery

A new day, a new certification. FCC has given the green signal to a new Nokia smartphone with the model number TA-1322 for launch. This model was also certified in Russia back in September. It will be powered by one of the three batteries that was certified a few days ago, which is the V730 battery with a capacity of 4000/3900 mAh at a rate of 3.85 V.

Nokia TA-1322 is 76 mm wide, 166 mm high, and measures 180 mm diagonally. That means it will have quite a big screen, but then again, some portion will probably be reserved for the Nokia branding. It is a dual SIM and rest of world (ROW) variant that will come with the support for Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. There is no mention of NFC support.

The network bands supported by this particular model are as follows:

  • GSM: 850, 1900
  • WCDMA: 5
  • LTE: 5, 7, 38, 41

Lots of accessories were tested with the device as well. The list reveals that Nokia Mobile will ship this device with a micro 5-pin data cable (micro USB cable), and not a USB C cable. Also, it will have a 5 V, 1 A (5 W) rated charger.

Not only this, but the test report also reveals the back design. Like most of the recent Nokia smartphones, Nokia TA-1322 will also have a circular camera module at the back while the flash is placed separately at the center, which is similar to what we have seen in Nokia 5.3. Also, there are two circles made within the camera module, one above the flash and another below it, which might indicate the position of the cameras, so probably a dual-camera system.

The biometric fingerprint sensor can be seen below the rear camera module. The side portions are darkened to show the placement of volume and power buttons on the right side and the Google Assistant button and the SIM tray on the left side. Interestingly, the speaker grille is shown at the left corner on the back and not at the bottom, which makes me think that this might be the Nokia 1.4.

This concludes that the other two newly certified batteries WT340 (5050 mAh) and CN110 (4470 mAh) will be used for the higher-end models, probably for the new Nokia 6/7 and Nokia 9.