Jolla releases new Sailfish OS update Pallas-Yllästunturi

Jolla might be the only phone manufacturer that completely discarded the hardware and oriented itself to the business section that is doing well, software. Sailfish OS is Jolla’s baby, which is currently the only alternative to iOS and all-mighty Android, now that Windows Phone is dead. Jolla continues releasing the updates, and the latest one 3.4.0, named after Finland’s national park Pallas-Yllästunturi, is now available for download.

The update brings several enhancements that improve user experience on devices, bring some new options for developers and some features for corporate consumers. Browsing should be more enjoyable because the browser engine is updated to Gecko ESR52. Also, Sailfish OS now allows multiple users per device, which is something that corporate users will like and use. There are now hourly weather reports provided by Foreca and some improvements to call handling and video payback.


The update varies between 440 MB for Jolla 1 and 68 MB for Sony Xperia 10.

For more details, check the Jolla blog and their forum.

Anyone here still using Jolla device or maybe a Sony one?