Nokia 2.4 and 3.4 appear on Nokia Mobile India website

The newly announced Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 3.4 appeared on the official Nokia Mobile India website. Yesterday on the launch event Nokia Mobile announced the global average prices and that the devices will go on sale in September for the Nokia 2.4 and in October for Nokia 3.4, but they didn’t share any regional details.

Now, the two phone can be found on the Nokia Mobile India website, but there is no price or release date mentioned. Nokia Mobile has a habit of doing separate launch events in India, where the company announces the price and release date. I don’t find this necessary to do for budget devices and hope for a swift launch and price announcement.

The global prices of 119 euro for Nokia 2.4 and 159 euro for Nokia 3.4, are usually reduced in the Indian market, but we will have to wait for Nokia Mobile to post the prices and release dates officially to know exactly.

Source: Nokia Mobile India website