Nokia 9 PureView users, is in-display fingerprint scanner working well now?

Nokia 9 PureView was the first Nokia Mobile’s flagship that came with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Since Nokia Mobile used most probably one of the first commercially available scanners, users of Nokia 9 PV experienced many issues with it. The scanner wouldn’t recognise fingerprint at first attempt, sometime it would recognise unregistered fingerprints and even chewing gum package. Nokia Mobile was aware of the problem and have released a few updates that supposedly took care of all the problems. At least that is what we thought since some users were still unhappy with the performance of the fingerprint scanner.


However, some users are saying that the scanner is working well, like Aleksandar Bobovnikov, who made a great and very detailed review of Nokia 9 PureView (something we never had a chance of doing…). He posted a video to show that his Nokia 9 PV in-display fingerprint scanner is working well. It is not the fastest one on the market but is working well enough.

What I would like to hear from all of the 9 PV owners that come here, are you satisfied with the fingerprint scanner performance after the latest update? Please share your experience with us in the comment section so we can close the story once for all.