Nokia TA-1275 is another Single SIM version of TA-1277

Nokia TA-1277 is a single SIM version of a new low-end Nokia device that Nokia Mobile is getting ready to launch. That the phone is in its final stages of production tells the published FCC declaration of a second single SIM version of the device, TA-1275. Previously the TA-1270 passed the FCC test, which is a Dual SIM version of the device. The FCC certificate doesn’t share a lot of details about the products since manufacturers usually request for confidentiality of the photos and hardware details, but some info is known.

The new Nokia device will be 76.3 mm wide and 165.85 mm high, which means it can fit a screen larger than 6 inches. The battery capacity of 4380 mAh is also a nice feature, but the support for 2.4 GHz WiFi and the lack of NFC reveals this could be an affordable smartphone.

Anyway, while it is nice to see that Nokia Mobile is still preparing new phones for its fans, I would like them to focus on a pricier segment for a moment, or at least show the world what Nokia 8.3 5G can do.