Nokia Mobile preparing new accessories for Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia was always known not just for its phones but also for the accessories too that were the inseparable part of the whole Nokia brand ecosystem. Nokia Mobile also recognized the importance of the accessories, maybe a bit later than expected, but now you can get Nokia covers, chargers, cases, stands, batteries, and good quality earphones too. Nokia Mobile brought us together with 8.3 5G a Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, but also the 18W charging. Well, I know it would be better to have 25W or 40W charging in the phone, but this is much better than the classic 10W that we are utilizing right now. Anyways, the new charger is only available within the box of Nokia 8.3, but 18W chargers are going to also needed as an accessory soon. Someone might want to buy another charger, or maybe pick up a car charger that supports 18W charging.

Nokia Mobile is thinking of that, and that is why they are planning on launching an 18W car charger and classic wall charger for Nokia 8.3 5G, and other phones that can use it. It seems that both chargers will be supporting USBc/USBc cables, or ne coming with them. The code name and the price of chargers, as well as more details about it, are not known, but according to the official or promotional renders, chargers are going to pop up soon in the Nokia webshop.

Nokia Mobile is also planning on launching a rugged case for Nokia 8.3, which is going to be ideal for all of those planning on riding bikes, mounting hiking, or just working a lot with their phone and are afraid of high drops. Again, the model number or the price of this case is yet to be disclosed, so do stay tuned.
I would like to see more of these protective cases, maybe a thin flip case or a one with a stand for watching videos and TV series on 8.3.
Maybe a Nokia PopSocket could be a good accessory to make even though those things look hideous on a smartphone.

Anyway, it is good to see that Nokia Mobile is working on the official accessories, but I would also love to see those being more available in stores, or at least on the official webshop.