Nokia TA-1270 is FCC certified dual-SIM version of TA-1277

Just after TA-1277, Nokia TA-1270 passed the FCC certification. The device seems to be a Dual-SIM version of the TA-1270, and it shares almost all the hardware specifications as the single SIM model, except the SIM tray. The device is also coming with a WT242 battery with a capacity of 4800 mAh battery, HS-34 headphones, and various chargers that could be stronger than 10W. This phone will be supporting only 2.4 GHz WiFi band, which suggests it belongs to the affordable category of Nokia phones. Software version 00WW_0_070 also suggests this is an Android phone.

As mentioned earlier, just a few x.3 models are missing, and this phone could be a new Nokia 3 or maybe even a new C series phone. If HMD changed its strategy of announcing a ton of models per year, this one could be maybe a new Nokia 3, but it is way too early to say that.
Anyway, maybe we missed something in the released FCC documents, and if you would like to search for some clues, do check the FCC certificate here.