Nokia 3.1 Plus update error fixed with latest OTA update

Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia Mobile officially acknowledged an error on the Nokia Community Forums and released a fix for the Nokia 3.1 Plus. With the release of Android 10 for Nokia 3.1 Plus some time ago, Nokia Mobile noticed a bug that prevented the device from receiving the over-the-air updates the usual way. A fix for this issue has been released and users are reporting that the fix arrived.

To solve the problem of not being able to install over-the-air updates, Nokia Mobile released an OTA update for the Nokia 3.1 Plus. To check for if your Nokia 3.1 Plus is affect (besides not receiving updates for quite some time), you can head to settings and check the build version – the affected versions are 00WW_3_15H and 00WW_3_15H_SP01. The update that fixes the issue will be received and installed as usual on the 3.1 Plus, and the phone will restart. After the restart, an update error will appear, but that’s good, because it is a sign that the update is installed correctly.

If someone misses the OTA update, Nokia Mobile will follow up with a solution in future.

You can check the details about this problem and solution here.