Nokia 9 PureView $100 cheaper on Amazon

The thick gray clouds are hanging over the Nokia 9 PureView, the current top model in HMD Global’s portfolio of Nokia branded smartphones.The penta camera phone that had a great chance of changing the trend in smartphone photography came late to the market, and with unfinished software. The quality of RAW photos is great, but the true distinction among other top model smartphones is lacking. Anyway, the latest software update fixed a lot of bugs and made the phone usable, if you discard the obvious bug in under screen fingerprint reader. This phone looks beautiful, has a great camera and good quality display which still makes it a good buy. The price of €649 for this waterproof phone with wireless charging included is great, but Amazon has an even better offer for everyone eyeing this phone.

You can get it there for $599.99 on Amazon, which is $99.01 less than the original price. This price is now the same as the one initially set when Nokia 9 PV was heading to the USA market. I know that many reviews didn’t favor the 9 PV, but with further software updates, this device could be improved big time. Anyone still interested in it?


Amazon / PhoneArena