Introduction video of Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G that is unnecessary

Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer of Nokia Mobile, has been busy lately filming the promotional videos. This time he introduced us shortly with the latest feature phones from Nokia Mobile, Nokia 220 4G and Nokia 105. While it is commendable for the CPO to stand in front of a camera and talk a little bit about the latest products, this video was utterly unnecessary. Juho just told us what we previously knew about the devices. Wouldn’t it be better, and more reliable, to send those devices to some distinguished member of Nokia community to share his insights about the devices, or to some tech portal to do the same?. While Juho is managing well in front of the big lenses, he could have said a bit more about the devices, or let a designer speak about 105&2204G, since feature phones are all about the great ergonomy, battery life, call quality and low price. Talk about the design approach or the materials used would interest many.

However, I like the fact that Nokia Mobile is pushing its Finnish origin more and more. They should do that even more, and maybe open some R&D office in Finland.

Well, check the video below. Would love to hear your opinion on the topic.