AAWP pulls a draw in a camera comparison between Nokia Lumia 1020 and Huawei P40 Pro

Steve Litchfield did it again. He compared the cameras of the legendary Nokia Lumia 1020 and Huawei P40 Pro and called it a tie. Before you go nuts, Steve did a great comparison as always, and tested cameras in different light conditions. If you analyze the shots more closely, you will notice that Lumia 1020 really is one of the best camera smartphones, even though it is not being updated anymore. Maybe the thing that will cause some migraines is not the result of the camera comparison test, but rather the name of the company Steve placed before Lumia 1020.
Anyway, Steve did a nice comparison, and I will just sum it up, so for a more detailed explanation do visit AAWP.

So, both phones earned 77 points out of 100 according to Steve, and that might be strange to many. But, Lumia 1020 still behaves well on a bright sunny day and can capture great shots. Huawei P40 Pro has a large main sensor and a few of them with different types of lenses which sometimes can be disadvantageous if you are using the main camera for all the shots. For example, Nokia Lumia 1020 can do quite nice closeup shots and blur the background nicely, so can P40 Pro, but you need to do it a techy way since there is a camera with adjustable aperture.

Nevertheless, Huawei P40 Pro is definitely a king of smartphone photography nowadays, and can be placed in the company of great shooters like Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia 808 PureView, Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra, and maybe LG V 60 ThinQ. To be the king it means you can use P40 Pro to shoot in all the light conditions. P40 Pro will take great shots in daylight, but also in a pitch dark. Lumia 1020 just can’t take the victory there. And, those two smartphones are completely different conceptually. But, there is a bit of Nokia in Huawei P40 Pro since the same person who developed PureView, is now a Head of Imaging at Huawei (Eero Salmelin).

This comparison doesn’t suggest you should buy an unsupported Nokia Lumia phone, well maybe if you are a Nokia tech photography dude or gal, but it just shows how far Nokia went 7 years ago. Nokia made a phone with just one camera that was able to do all kinds of photography, and even zooming before the modern optical zoom was introduced in the smartphone industry.