The Vivo X80 features all the ZEISS perks Nokia lacks

While Nokia’s relationship with ZEISS seem to have been relegated to using its name for marketing, Vivo, on the other hand, is thriving in mobile imaging field with the ZEISS engineers. In fact, Vivo is currently gearing to launch its newest set of smartphones with worthy ZEISS branding, the X80 series.

Not only did the top of the line comes with a ZEISS T* coating, it will also come with the all-new Cinematic Video Bokeh. Now, Vivo isn’t the first time to do this (Apple did it first with the iPhone 13 Pro line), but the company is definitely the first one to implement it on an Android device.

Vivo has been hyping this new feature for a while (as seen on its official Instagram handle), but the effectivity of the method is yet to be seen. However, it is still great to see something new in the Android space. Especially if the well-respected ZEISS is backing it with its name. 

We won’t get into details about the Vivo X80 (for some obvious reasons), but we think the smartphone will be an exciting one. Sony has been working with RGBW sensor since 2012, and it’ll be great to see how did it advanced since the early era. Vivo, however, has been actively sharing details about the new sensor since last year promising a 160% increase in light sensitivity. Although we are yet to see that. I’ll just mention that X80 Pro version will feature 50MP primary (f/1.57), 48MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto, and 8MP periscope (with 5x optical and 60x digital zoom) camera, which is flagship worthy.

Finally, if the rumor is real, the ZEISS-backed Vivo X80 will also mark the first of the X-lineup to feature a dedicated imaging chip called V1+ in partnership with MediaTek. The device will be unveiled on April 25th, Monday. 

I can see Nokia logo in front of X80.