Nokia 1.3 is bringing Google’s Camera GO app

Nokia 1.3 is the first Android GO device to be coming with Camera GO app. As you might know already, Android GO is a specifically designed version of Android OS for affordable devices that are running low powered hardware.

 Google modified the most popular Android apps so those can be used on the lowest powered hardware. Now Google finally made a GO version of its Camera app, which is deeply integrated with the camera module, and it is not just applying filters on top of taken photos. The New Camera GO app is also bringing Portrait mode to affordable devices, and Nokia 1.3 is going to be the first one where people will be able to test it.

Google, actually Android team, published a video where dude looking like a young David Grohl is explaining all the benefits of Camera GO app on Nokia 1.3.

Camera GO looks interesting, and it will be fun to see how well this app will perform on a device that has Snapdragon 215 and just 1GB of RAM.