Next generation Nokia True Wireless Earbuds leaked *UPDATE: FALSE*


UPDATE: HMD Global reached out to us saying that the “next gen” earbuds are in fact a prototype from the development of the current earbuds.

Original article:

A bit strange leak happened with Three Ireland and their solid offer of Nokia 7.1 and Nokia True Wireless Earbuds. It seems that the True Wireless Earbuds is advertising on its pages aren’t the same True Wireless Earbuds we can find on Nokia Mobile pages. We can only assume that Three accidently posted renders of the second generation True Wireless Earbuds.

As it is shown on the photos, one can clearly see the difference between the current and the next gen True Wireless. The next gen earbuds have more aggressive design lines, while their case (holder?) comes with a grey accent color on the top and with a wrist strap.

They look nice, just like the first one. We’re not sure when will we see the new Earbuds announced, but considering MWC2019 is very close, let’s say that we might see them there. Three probably got this marketing material from HMD, so if the marketing material is there, it seems plausible that the announcement is near.