Video: Nokia 5G delivering the extraordinary for connected vehicles

Nokia published a new promo video that shows their networking hardware and software solutions that can be used for the connection and ultimately automation of the cars. We are used to getting this kind of news from HERE, Nokia’s ex department that was focused on bringing this kind of solution to consumers. But, seems like some ideas remained in Nokia and were developed for an end-to-end portfolio that can be offered to customers. Nokia is already deeply involved in the vehicle-automation business and some projects are up and running like the GACHA shuttle bus that is operating in the Nokia Campus. According to video, Nokia might be also involved with Tesla cars (although the logo was blurred), which is one of the most popular commercially available products that is offering autonomous driving. But, Nokia isn’t focused just on connected vehicles and solutions for autonomous driving, improving car safety, it is also working on delivering a fast network that will be crucial for the in-car infotainment.

Do check out the video below. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see some demonstration of this kind of solution at the Nokia booth in Barcelona.