Rumor: Nokia 8.2 and 5.2 coming later this year

After the announcement of the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, which should be a Nokia Mobile’s spear in the fight for market share, people are now wondering what will Nokia 8.2 offer. Also, people are probably asking where did Nokia 5.2 got lost. Two rumors might shed some light on the arrival of Nokia 8.2 and 5.2.

One of the best sources for all the Nokia info, Nokia Anew, tweeted that Nokia 8.2 is coming in November 2019. Some previous rumors suggested that Nokia 8.2 should be coming with a 32 MP front-facing pop-up camera, and the second rumor is suggesting the same. We can’t verify the second source, but it also suggests the announcement of the Nokia 8.2 later this year.

According to the same rumor, Nokia 8.2 should be coming with a pop-up camera, but it won’t be alone at the event. Rumor is also suggesting that Nokia 5.2 could accompany the 8.2 but doesn’t share any info about the device. It also states that HMD Global ill focus more on Europe which is good since they lost the market share here.

Pop-up cameras are a trend now, and Nokia Mobile is unfortunately still in a process of following the trends. Well, it is doing that in the segment of hardware innovations, where big investments dictate the speed of R&D. Nokia Mobile doesn’t have to be innovative in all the segments, just needs to give something specific, round up the device nicely, and set the right price. It might seem like a Mission Impossible, but check the Nokia 7 Plus, which is one of the best devices that Nokia Mobile launched, or Nokia 6 which was a superb midranger.
Also, Nokia Mobile should pay attention to other markets in the world that have great potential for expansion of the Nokia brand. Europe should be more in the focus, but it would be great if they could concentrate more on the Latam market, for example, since Nokia is still a well-valued brand there.


Cheers for the tip Wang Chen 😉