Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 9 PV getting new updates

Nokia 7.2, the one that hasn’t been updated to Android 11, has just received an update. The update is the December security patch which brings 6.23 MBs of patches. The latest monthly security patch will make the device work well and resist the accumulated months of service, but the Android 11 update would come as a balm to the wound.

The users of Nokia 9 PureView are probably feeling the same. However, a January security patch has landed on their device. The update is available worldwide and brings 31.32 MBs of security patches. While there still is some hope left for the users of 7.2 to get Android 11, there is definitely none for the users of 9 PV. That device won’t be getting Android 11 due to some serious hardware/software issues that the OS update is causing. Maybe that is for the best. Nokia 9 PureView doesn’t deserve to be hated even more due to the software bugs. There is plenty of those from the very beginnings of the device.

Thanks to Krzysztof Zimmermann, Chetan Kale and the rest for sending the tip 😉


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