Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G disassembly and assembly video

After seeing the unboxing and a hands on video of Nokia 6300 4G, it is only fair to see the disassembly and assembly video after it. The video is published online by TechnoRabin YouTube account. Nokia 6300 4G reminds a lot of old Nokia feature phones that are fairly simple to disassemble. You just need a torx screw to open it, and maybe a guitar pick and a tweezers. After the removal of the plastic cover, and the cover that protects the motherboard, you can easily take the motherboard off and continue exploring the around the device.

Nokia 6300 4G seems quite easy to repair, but do check out the video if you want to see the internal parts.

Here is the assembly video in case you forgot where the parts go.

But, TechnoRabin also posted a disassembly and assembly video of Nokia 8000 4G. This will get just fine while we are waiting for the first unboxing and hands on videos of the Nokia Mobile’s first premium build featurephone. Nokia 8000 is pretty much built the same way as the 6300 4G, but you are getting a better design of the body, better camera and a larger display. The rest seems to be exactly the same as in the Nokia 6300 4G.

In case you want to know the internals of Nokia 8000 4G, do check the disassembly video.

If you forgot how to put it back, do check the assembly video below.

I don’t know about you, but I like these kind of videos, since they beam me back to the times when phones were fun and you could actually repair it by yourself. I remember that the first phone I fixed was my brothers 7210, and besides changing the display, I changed the mask too. Fun times indeed.


Cheers to TechnoRabin for the tip and links 😉