Rumor: Nokia 5G phone prototype features 64MP camera. Coming at MWC2020

More and more 5G devices from different manufacturers are coming to the market in parallel with the rollout of 5G networks. These devices do come with a premium price tag and 5G is still in early stages, so they are not for everyone. Nokia Mobile already announced they are working on a 5G phone that should be half the price of current 5G smartphones, that cost around 1000 euros.

The Nokia 5G smartphone should arrive sometime next year and come with a Snapdragon 7xx series processor, that will support 5G, as Qualcomm announced. Now, sources of NPU claim that Nokia Mobile is testing a Nokia 8.2 5G prototype for MWC2020.

The Nokia 8.2 with 5G support, that might be called otherwise, is rumored to feature a 64MP rear camera and a pop-up selfie camera. It is also mentioned that the phone should feature ZEISS optics and OZO Audio, which isn’t really surprising.

We already heard some info about a Nokia 8.2 with a pop-up camera and 7xx Snapdragon series processor, but I think that we might see two different higher midrange devices. One without 5G that might be called Nokia 8.2 and come by the end of the year and another with 5G support for MWC2020.

What we do know for sure is the info confirmed by Nokia Mobile officially and that is that Nokia Mobile is working on a 5G phone scheduled for 2020. How will that phone look and when will it arrive is open for speculation. I really hope to see a Nokia 8 series device for the upcoming holiday season.