Nokia X30 in UAE bundled with fine earbuds

Nokia X30 is truly a nice advancement in the portfolio of Nokia devices offered since Nokia 8.3 5G. I have been using the device for the past two weeks and I’m ready to give my final review which has been delayed due to the job obligations. I need to earn my salary afterall. However, I can say that the phone is a good purchase for everyone that is searching a relatively compact midrange phone that is waterproof and has a decent main camera. There is still some software issues that need to be addressed, but X30 does look like a perfect midranger. The only thing that would make it even better is the addition of wireless charging, misroSD slot, 3.5 mm audio jack, and maybe a 20 MP main camera. I would also change the design and position of the camera module at the back, but that is just me.

If you are searching for a  good midrange phone, than X30 is worth of looking. But, since its price is a bit on a high side, a bundle might set that right. That is just what Nokia Mobile is doing in the UAE. There you can get Nokia X30 bundled with great Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones E3500 that is made by RichGo through the licensing deal. I haven’t had a chance of reviewing these, since they are not available in major EU shops, but many users said that the sound quality is great. These buds are splash proof (IPX5), and last up to 7 hours if the music is played over A2DP protool.

Latest Nokia Mobile audio accessories werent that good regarding the sound quality, and I must say that the same goes for their portable soundspeaker that lasks bass tones although the problem can be baypassed by equilizer if the streaming app has it. So, seeing RichGo audio accessoris bundled with X30 is a good deal. A reader tweeted that the price of X30 in the UAE was around $460 (470€) for the 256GB model and buds that are wort $80/82€.

Source Rayees Khan