Could Nokia 8.2 be the first Nokia phone with Snapdragon 7 5G processor?


Florian Seiche mentioned at the event in Berlin that Nokia Mobile is investing a lot of money in the development of the Nokia 5G phone. They are doing this quest together with Nokia and Qualcomm. This cooperation aims to creation of premium 5G phone which will be affordable. Currently, only the flagship models support 5G, with a few exceptions from some Chinese manufacturers. Xiaomi is also looking to create an affordable 5G phone and it will be interesting to see how will that phone turn out. Anyway, the affordable but yet premium phone could be achieved with cheaper 5G enabled chipset and solid hardware.

Juho Sarvikas maybe gave us the idea of which phone could be the first 5G Nokia phone. He supported big time Qualcomm’s announcement of Snapdragon 7 and 6 Series Mobile Platform with integrated 5G, which happened on IFA. Nokia 8.1 is soon to be upgraded and there is a big chance that it will be running Snapdragon 7 Series processor. Maybe we could be seeing a 5G version of Nokia 8.2 since Qualcomm said in the press statement that manufacturers have already been testing the chipsets and can launch devices in Q4 2019. Qualcomm Series 7 5G enabled processors will be highly efficient mobile platform since it is built on 7nm process technology. When combined with 8.2 hardware, this could be that premium but affordable 5G Nokia smartphone.




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