Nokia’s rise and fall also coming as TV drama series

The little green spy boat seen from the old Nokia House in the Keilalahti bay, Espoo, Finland. Photo by Jari Ijäs on December 8, 2010, with a Nokia C7.

If you think that everything that needs to be said about Nokia’s rise and fall has been said, well you are wrong. The two books (Operatio Elop, Transforming Nokia), a few TV documentaries, many YouTube videos, newspaper covers, and posts from websites are apparently not enough and there is still a need for a TV series that will depict the shining rise and even shinier fall of the Finnish telco and networking giant.

The Rabbit Film is the company that started the production of a six-part scripted drama that will depict the rise of Nokia to the top of the mobile industry and its burning memo fall. The name of the series is “Mobile 1.0”, and it will be shot in the US and Finland. The show will be available in Finnish and English language, and the launch is expected in early 2022 on a Scandinavian streamer C More.

It seems that there will be seasons to this drama series since Mobile 1.0 is going to be the first season where viewers will get to know how Nokia became the leader in the phone industry. The cast for season one has been chosen.

The plot revolves around two young lawyers, Katarina Tammi a recently graduated lawyer working in the company’s legal department played by Satu-Tuuli Karhu, and Aki Makkonen as a newcomer who is Katarina’s former law school colleague and is portrayed by Emil Kihlström.
Aku Sipola is playing Risto Salminen, a talented but eccentric and obsessive engineer determined to create a new type of mobile phone, Oona Airola is Risto’s wife and fellow developer, Vuokko Salminen. There is also Sampo Sarkola as Jorma Ollila, the visionary Nokia CEO who drove the company to success.

“Mobile 1.0” is written and directed by Maarit Lalli, but then the show is based on interviews and research of those involved in the company’s history.

I don’t know if my health will be able to repeat the history once again, but it will be fun to see a series about something you experienced as a consumer of Nokia products.


Source: Variety