Rumors: Nokia 8.2 with a unique front camera solution, while the 5.2 will share a familiar design

We are slowly entering the time of the year again when consumer spending always reaches its top. In the fourth quarter of every year, the holiday season represents a huge opportunity for retailers and product makers.

Just like last year, this year we are also hoping to see a higher end Nokia phone arriving by the end of 2019. Last year we waited for Nokia 9 and we got the Nokia 8.1, which at all doesn’t seem like a bad device, even today with all the attractive price cut. This time I don’t think anyone is expecting a “Nokia 9” successor anytime soon, but a potential Nokia 8.2 might be a good choice for folks preferring a bit stronger internals than Snapdragon 660.

We got a tip that Nokia Mobile is working on a Nokia 5.2 and Nokia 8.2 that might be announced before the end of the year. The Nokia 5.2 should feature a double camera setup on the back and share a similar design to Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2. The approximate launch date of Nokia 5.2 still isn’t defined, and if you ask me the 5.2 will probably be pushed to MWC2020, because I don’t see a space right now between the Nokia 4.2 (€150) and Nokia 6.2 (€200) on the market for another device.

The Nokia 8.2 should be a more interesting one. The device should feature a Series 7xx Snapdragon processor and come with an “unique” front camera solutions for HMD. There were already a few rumors about the Nokia 8.2 coming with a “pop-up” camera and launching in the timeframe of November/December, so it all makes sense. Maybe it will be something else, like an in-screen camera,  but pop-up is more realistic considering the industry still didn’t figure out the in-screen cameras the way it did pop-up mechanisms.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this info so take it with a pinch of salt.

If you ask me personally, on a Nokia 8.2 I would like to see a Snapdragon 735, decent cameras, OLED screeen and most of all, wireless charging. I don’t expect 5G support, though if the device gets postponed to MWC2020, it would be better if it had one. What do you think?