Nokia Beacon 1 and Beacon 3 available at

Nokia Beacon 1 and Nokia Beacon 3 are the first products of a relatively new Nokia division called Nokia WiFi. The main difference between the two beacons is the maximum bandwidth, which makes Beacon 1 ideal for homes, and Beacon 3 for workplaces. Those two beacons have been on sales in numerous markets now and can be also found in China. JD listed both of them and people there can purchase one, two or three beacons regarding how big space they want to cover with good quality WiFi. The price for single Beacon 1 is 1099 Chinese Yuan or approximately €140. Beacon 3 is a bit more expensive and JD is asking ¥ 1459.00 for it, which is €185.

In Europe, you can currently order only Beacon 3 for €200 over Amazon, while Beacon 1 should be available later this year and then we should know its price. There are many similar products available on the various stores like Google’s WiFi router, but none has the looks as Nokia’s beacons and software support. Beacons are quite easy to set up and control via a dedicated Nokia WiFi app that is available in Google Play and Apple store.