Video: Nokia demonstrates how to set up the WiFi Beacon

Nokia WiFi Beacon is the only connection that Nokia has with the consumer market. At the MWC19 we tried to get our hands on one but kind Nokia folks at the booth politely said no way. The only advantage of giving us a Nokia beacon to play with would be a low quality hands-on and demo video published shortly after the announcement of the gadget. It took Nokia three months to do that, but the result is a nicely directed demo video that shows how easy is to install Nokia Beacon or to set up a WiFi mash in your home to achieve perfect WiFi coverage by using three Beacons.

Nokia was being careful enough to use a Nokia smartphone, and the phone of choice was beautifully designed Nokia 7.1. It is still hard to find Nokia beacon in the tech stores, but it is nice to see three Nokia products in the video, the WiFi Beacon with the proprietary app and Nokia 7.1. Check out the video below.

Nokia might be late in this Wi-Fi mash business, but Beacon does look much better than the solutions provided by other manufacturers.