Nokia announced Beacon 1, affordable home WiFi system

Although it was displayed at MWC2019, Nokia decided to officially announce Beacon 1, a new member of Nokia WiFi family of products. Nokia is going with the slogan WiFi that works, and that is because this product is capable of providing the interference-free WiFi even in real-time. Beacon 1 is aimed for the mass market since it is more affordable than the premium Beacon 3. It is an entry-level product that will deliver the best performances at an affordable price. It offers dual-band WiFi at 2.4Ghz (2×2 MIMO) & 5Ghz (2×2 MIMO) with the maximum bandwidth of 1200 Mbps. Nokia also gives the possibility to pair multiple beacons to create a WiFi mesh so that every corner of your home can be connected over Beacon.

Beacon 1 also works with the Nokia WiFi app which you can download for iOS and Android phones over their official app store. The app enables quick setup of your Beacon 1 to get you up and running in no time.

One Nokia Beacon 1 is able to cover a home with 140 m2, but if you have bigger space to cover with WiFi or many walls that can create dead zones in your apartment, you can use more of them. The great thing is that other Beacons come as pre-paired so you can start using them quickly.

To find more details about the Nokia Beacon 1, head over at the official page.

The new Nokia WiFi Beacon 1 and existing Beacon 3 whole-home WiFi systems are available for purchase on The Beacon 1 retails for $129.99 and is available in single or three-pack configurations. The Beacon 3 is available in single, two-pack and three-pack configurations.