Nokia Wi-Fi is Nokia’s new division

With the launch of Nokia Beacon in its smaller and bigger version, Nokia clearly stated that it is going to dig deeper into the WiFi technology. Well, Nokia rules in the networking and WiFi is just another version of wireless data transfer. On the bring of WiFi 6, or the launch of 802.11ax, Nokia created a new division, Nokia WiFi. The head of this new division is Justin Doucette, who has been on that position for already 6 months now. Well, that is the info from his LinkedIn profile though. In the interview he gave to RCR Wireless News, he said that WiFi division has been up and running for a few years now, and that might be the truth since it takes time to develop beacons, apps, and software to run it. Anyway, I like to see this division because it brings Nokia closer to the consumers once again.

Nokia likes when the networking industry is evolving since Nokia is the best in that area. WiFi6 has been set up in 2018, and it will be bringing change in our daily lives. The most noticeable change will be the speed of data transfer, and the next one will be a combination of 5G networking and WiFi which will enable us to enjoy high internet speeds of the future networks, especially in densely populated areas. In our homes, businesses or restaurants, we’ll be enjoying good WiFi that will be connected to the 5G network. This might be the perfect solution for high-frequency 5G networks to run smoothly in the cities.

Well, we have Nokia back again in the consumer business with WiFi division. To learn more about Nokia WiFi, check their official page.