After Daredevil, Nokia Starlord popped up on Geekbench

Not long after Nokia Daredevil, or what Geekbench suggests is Nokia 7.2, surfaced, another expected Nokia smartphone showed up on pages of this benchmark tool. It is HMD Global Starlord, or what we thought that Nokia 5.2, or maybe 6.2, even 7.2 would be. The Nokia Starlord will probably also come with a Snapdragon 660 processor, but with lowered base frequency. The Daredevil has the base frequency of 1.84 GHz, while Starlord has a frequency of 1.61 GHz. This certainly reflected in the processing power since Starlord managed to get a lower score than the processor used in Daredevil. Also, Starlord will be coming with 3GB of RAM which suggests that Daredevil is a more powerful device and that Starlord could turn out to be Nokia 5.2, not 6.2. The date of the Geekbench test is a bit old, maybe even photoshopped, but there is a chance someone just released an old test…

It is strange to push two devices with the same processor, but that is not something we never saw before. The very first Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 shared the same processor (SD430), but it will be strange if Nokia 7.2 and 5.2 would share SD660 because I don’t see how Nokia 6.2 fits in the story. Maybe the Geekbench listings are not entirely true, and we are seeing Nokia 5.2 (Starlord) and Nokia 6.2 (Daredevil). Again, in the following days or weeks will definitely know more about those devices when more info starts to leak.