Get Nokia 7.1 and True Wireless Earbuds for €269.99 at Three Ireland

Operator Three in Ireland is offering a great deal for the Nokia 7.1. The 7.1 is HMD’s midrange Nokia device, that features an attractive design, 5.86-inch PureDisplay, 12MP dual ZEISS camera, 3060mAh camera and the Snapdragon 636. Considering its initial price of €350, Snapdragon 636 isn’t probably the best choice for the SoC, but Three Ireland offers the Nokia 7.1 for €269.99, which is in my opinion an ok price.

All buyers of the Nokia 7.1 from 14th February to 31st March will be able to claim the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds worth €130 for free. The True Wireless are Nokia Mobile’s award-winning wireless headphones, and I’m frankly more attracted to them than the device itself. At 270 euros, the bundle of Nokia 7.1 and True Wireless Earbuds is an attractive offer.

We didn’t test the True Wireless, but if you’re interested in Nokia 7.1, do check our review here. 🙂

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Thanks Sam for the tip. 🙂