Nokia 7.2 (Daredevil) showed up on GeekBench

Nokia 7.2 just showed up on GeekBench, just a few weeks before its potential announcement.

According to the GeekBench results, Nokia 7.2 is Daredevil (not the Star Lord?), and the score is similar to the Nokia X71. Nokia 7.2 reached 1604 points for single-core and 5821 for the multi-core test. The processor will probably be polished further to achieve a better score, but we’ll see when the first reviews are over.

The GeekBench also revealed that Nokia 7.2 will be coming with Snapdragon 660 and 6 GB of RAM, which means that it could have similar specs as Chinese exclusive Nokia X71 (SD 660) and Nokia 8.1 (SD 710).
I kind of expected for Nokia 6.2 to come with Snapdragon 660, or at least 665, since that would be more appropriate and would match Xiaomi’s A3.
However, it is better to wait for the announcement and than start sharing opinions and thoughts. In the meantime, it is perfectly normal to ask for your opinion :). Do share it in the comments section.

Source: Mysmartprice / GeekBench

Thanks Mysmartprice guys for the tip 😉