Samsung’s Zoom-In Mic reminds of Nokia’s OZO Audio ZOOM feature

Samsung is currently at its peak of power, and the latest version of Galaxy Note is showing how powerful they actually are. The phone is nicely built, and probably has all the best components inside, but it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary that one should expect from Samsung’s top model. Maybe Note series wasn’t meant to bring all the best, but should actually include hardware from Galaxy S series that has been additionally perfected. If you take it like that, then Note 10 is a perfect smartphone, which isn’t quite what I think. The ultimate flagship should have all, 3.5 mm jack, SD card expansion, 48 MP camera, 10X zoom, everything.

Anyway, this clearly shows that the change at the top of the mobile phone industry is expected, and Samsung is definitely not making it difficult for competition with this approach. However, some things make Note 10 stand out, and you might be familiar with it. Note 10 is bringing Zoom-In Mic feature that is also referred to as Audio ZOOM. This feature makes the Note 10 capture specific sound when you are zooming on the sound source while shooting video. This is something that Nokia has been doing for quite some time with its OZO Audio spatial and directional capture solutions. There are currently four solutions that Nokia is offering through its OZO Audio portfolio, and those are Audio 3D, Audio Focus, Audio ZOOM, and Audio Windscreen. The similarity between Samsung’s Zoom-In Mic and Nokia’s Audio ZOOM is huge. It would suggest that Samsung might have reinvented Nokia’s feature that allows users to dynamically pinpoint and amplify sound to correspond to the zoomed video. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There is a slight chance that Samsung licensed this tech, but something like that would be shared online or at least noticed by media.

Here is a demo from Samsung, and below demo from Nokia.

To learn more about Nokia OZO Audio, head here.

Anyway, good for Samsung. We are looking forward to comparing Samsung’s feature with some device that will be using Nokia’s OZO Audio ZOOM in the future. We know that Oppo Reno has it already built-in, and we are waiting for some future Nokia flagship that will have this feature ready for use.