Nokia 9 PureView passed the JerryRigEverything torture-test

It’s been a long time since Zack from JerryRigEverything unboxed a Nokia smartphone. Ok, when Zack is doing unboxing that means that the phone will be exposed to some torture tests like scratch, fire, and bend test. The turn was on Nokia 9 Pureview to be tested. Zack didn’t like the lack of 3.5 mm port for headphones and pretty lousy under-screen fingerprint reader. What is more important here is that Nokia 9 Pureview didn’t disappoint in the bend test. It did squeak a bit, but the frame resisted well, and the glass at both sides survived.

Check the video below.

Even though we already know how Nokia 9 PureView looks inside, I’m waiting eagerly to see the disassembly video done by Zack.


Thanks Z4N7 for the tip in a wrong section 😉