Nokia and Ericsson to work on 6G with SK telecom


It seems like yesterday that the whole technology world started writing about the 5G networks, and to even tweet about the next version of global networking standard would turn you into a punchline of a joke.Well, those tweets that were mentioning 6G are not so funny anymore since SK telecom has just signed an agreement with Nokia and Ericsson to conduct research and development of the 6G. Yes, 6G.

The South Korean telco obviously wants to be ahead of the competition, since they intend to work on finding and authenticating the core technologies to eventually set the standard for 6G networks. Since Nokia and Ericsson were the biggest vendors of a 5G networking equipment for SK, it is logical to continue doing business with those two companies. The plan, at least for now, is to research Ultra Reliable and Low Latency (URLLC), Distributed Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), artificial intelligence (AI) on networks, 28GHz band and 5G Stand Alone networks that can be applied on commercial 5G networking system. South Korea currently has 260 000 of subscribers on its current 5G network, and this already gave an idea for expansion. While the rest of the world is living in 2019, South Korea is well in 2119 :).

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Source ZDNet