Video: Nokia demonstrated new audio technologies, OZO Focus and OZO Zoom

When Nokia sold its iconic Devices and Services department to Microsoft, a huge number of technology patents could finally be licensed, and thus monetized for the first time. The very first thing Nokia monetized was her own brand to HMD Global. It was a good move for a company that doesn’t want to be actively involved in the consumer market.

Nokia used HMD to push some of its technologies, and OZO audio was the first one to be tested. The test ended perfectly, which encouraged Nokia to license its OZO audio technology to other smartphone manufacturers. Also, Nokia continued with the development of OZO audio, which is proved by freshly published YouTube videos where new OZO audio technology is demonstrated.

The first video demonstrates OZO focus, which lets your phone stay focused on the active sound source. So, mear focusing of the object while shooting video is a past tense. Now we have 2D focusing, object and sound :). This seems like a nice expansion of the audio shooting capabilities and possible widely used spying tool.

The second OZO audio technology demonstrated is OZO audio Zoom. This specific technology allows you to zoom on the sound source while zooming with your camera. Check out the video to see how it works.

I’m wondering if we’ll see this audio tech on our phones with some future updates. Maybe HMD will use it for its flagship phones, like penta-camera ones?
What do you think of this?


Thanks Gaurang Patkar for the tip ­čśë