Two unknown Nokia smartphones pass BIS certification in India (TA-1193, TA-1201)

It has been almost 18 months, or a year and a half if you wish, since the Nokia 6.1 was first announced for the Chinese market in January 2018. The global variant was introduced two months after with the Nokia 7 plus and the two devices are arguably the best phone Nokia Mobile created.

For 6 months now we have been waiting for Nokia Mobile to announce the successor of Nokia 6.1 and we might be a step closer to that today. As NPU reports, two Nokia devices under the model numbers TA-1193 and TA-1201 were certified in India. The certification didn’t reveal anything but the submission date (25th June) and expiry date (24th June 2021).

The two phones which announcement we have heard quite a lot of about from unofficial sources online are the Nokia 5.2 and Nokia 6.2. Rumors about the already mentioned successor of Nokia 6.1 first appeared on the blogosphere in January 2019, but the device wasn’t announced in January, nor at MWC2019, nor at any point in time until now. Nokia Mobile probably also changed some components of the 6.2 because a 6 month delay in today’s phone world means the device will probably be obsolete when it appears on the market.

These are purely speculations from my side (and others online), so the newly certified phones might be two different devices. We will only know when they are officially announced.