#Nokia and Kantar Health partner to help people with diabetes @nokiahealthcare

As a healthy person, it’s hard to imagine the struggle people have fighting with diseases like diabetes. Over 8% of the world’s population has diabetes, with up to 5 million diabetes-related deaths per year. Nokia partnered with Kantar Health to better study diabetes treatment and patient outcomes.

Kantar is a global healthcare consulting firm that will cooperate with Nokia on the “Lifestyle Therapy” project. “As part of the joint study, Kantar Health will contribute the real-world study design and execution expertise to the project, while Nokia will leverage its world-class technology assets to generate biometric data and facilitate study delivery “, HitConsultant.net describes the joint study.

“As the role of the patient continues to evolve, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes is transforming through the ever increasing use of connected devices in patient populations,” said Geneviève Bonnelye, Managing Director, Kantar Health in a statement. “Lifestyle therapy, including changes in nutrition, physical activity, sleep and nicotine use, is an essential component of type 2 diabetes treatment, however there’s a lack of longitudinal patient data about the disease’s impact on weight, activity level, sleep and blood pressure, as well as limited evidence on how treatment management is affecting patients’ loss or gain of weight. There’s a clear need for a solution that combines attitudinal and evidence-based data, helps manage weight and links treatment management and HBA1C results. Our landmark study with Nokia should help fill these data gaps and ultimately improve patient care.”

First data and analysis of the study is expected later this year, with the final results being published Spring 2018.

Recently we saw Nokia stepping up the “Digital Health” game, first with the Withings acquisition, and now we are see different partnerships in the Health industry. We are eagerly awaiting summer when Withings products are announced to be re-branded into “Nokia”, and Nokia also partnered with Apple on Digital Health as part of their latest patent deal.

via:  HitConsultant.net