Nokia 3.2 available now in Ireland and UK

Nokia 3.2 landed in Ireland just slightly after the Nokia 4.2. It is currently being sold at Littlewoods for a €159.99. The great thing about this offer is that the device is not locked, but it seems that only the 2/16 GB version is being sold online. You can see on the pictures the 3/32 GB version that has the fingerprint scanner at the back, while the 2/16 GB version doesn’t have it. I really don’t understand why Nokia Mobile even went with 2/16 GB version that feels incomplete without the fingerprint scanner. I know that the price can be adjusted more easily, but many folks would give some extra to have a fingerprint scanner, which is a nice feature to have on modern smartphones.
If you are interested in this large entry smartphone with quite large 6.26″ screen, check out the Littlewoods store. Oh, since Littlewoods has a store in the UK, it is also available there too for 169.99 pounds.

Source TechBuzzIreland