Android Authority: Here’s why I think Nokia 8 is the top choice for a mid-range flagship smartphone

A thing I thought I will never see, is definitely a Nokia flagship running Android. On a second thought, even more unlikely was the fact that Android Authority (or any other Android or mainstream tech blog) would praise such device, knowing how Lumia devices, with excellent hardware but “problematic” software were treated. But, life is strange and times are ever changing, and here we are talking about Nokia smartphones, only a few years after we, or at least I thought the brand is forever gone in the mobile space. Enough with feelings, let’s go back to the topic.

Android Authority’s Abhishek Baxi wrote an article titled: “Here’s why I think Nokia 8 is the top choice for a mid-range flagship smartphone“. I highly recommend checking the article, not because it speaks good about Nokia 8 (and it’s more a mini-review and Abhishek experience using the device, than an ode to the 8), but because it’s relevant to the topic and I personally think it describes well what HMD’s aim with the device was.

As we said in our review, HMD needed a phone that will satisfy the hunger the community had (some still have – Nokia 9, anyone?) for a Nokia flagship. Did we get the best HMD can offer? If I’m asked, not at all. What did we get? A well-rounded device, that is conservatively looking, objectively can be described as beautiful (or at least nicely designed), durable, and reliable, with latest hardware for a relatively good price. I will be free enough to describe the 8 as the kid in school that is always polite, does his homework, has good grades, doesn’t do anything (provocative or exceptional) to stand out, but is always reliable no matter what. Surely, there used to be someone like that in your classroom, right?

To focus a little more on Abhishek’s words, he describes Nokia 8 as: “Nokia 8 is a device that fans of the Finnish brand of the past had asked for. It is just the right device for a discerning professional who wants a solid smartphone that just works. Nokia 8 is not cutting-edge but does everything right.” I think that was HMD’s goal, a solid, reliable device, that is priced well – between top phones of respectable brands and the budget-friendly Chinese competition.


Also, the 8 is a masterwork of engineer – if you held an 8 in the hand, you certainly noticed how HMD’s designers created the narrowing effect, by making the sides of device curved and extremely thin (about 4.5mm if I’m not wrong). Opening the device up, the new cooling system consisting of a graphite plate and a wide copper pipe can be seen, that drains the heat on the plate and across the housing, away from the CPU. HMD also included bothie, OZO Audio, and 3 ZEISS cameras on the device. These are things specific to the 8, and one of her unique selling points.

A device like Nokia 8 won’t be enough for HMD, though. To compete today on the mobile market, they need a device that really shows off everything the company can do, and by today’s standard, it has to include minimal bezels and a really good camera to compete with the likes of iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and others. But for people that want a good phone and now what compromises they are making, don’t see how the 8 can disappoint.

What are your thoughts about AA’s article and the 8? 🙂