Rumors: Nokia 9 to have wireless charging, IP67 certificate, no headphone jack

The Nokia 9 seems to be right around the corner, considering how much information is circulating about the device online. Now, VTechgraphy reports that a known member of Nokibar Baidu forum in China, that previously posted true information about released devices, shared more information about Nokia 9. He confirmed that the device looks similar to the one depicted in cases on Amazon, and, unfortunately, there is no headphone jack on the Nokia 9.

Other information he shared are that HMD will embrace a technology Nokia used on their 2012 smartphones – wireless charging. The back of the device is glass, thus allowing wireless charging, but the source says that the glass HMD uses for Nokia 9 is better than the one of recent high end Samsung Galaxy devices. Additionally, Nokia 9 will also have an IP67 certificate, meaning that it will be completely dustproof and waterproof up to 1m deep.

If we have to guess, our money is on 30th November as the launch date of Nokia 9. On that day, Slush2017 kicks off and it seems to be a good place (Helsinki, Finland) to announce the best HMD can offer at the moment. Of course, all the info mentioned above should be treated as rumors. We will know the real stuff once HMD announces the device.

via: VTechgraphy

source: Baidu