Notchless Nokia 9 and Nokia X7 display panels leaked?!

From the never stopping Nokia community in China, via the Nokibar forum on Baidu, come new photos of the alleged upcoming Nokia high end smartphones. Two photos of display panels of, what the source of this information calls it, Nokia 9 and Nokia X7 were posted.

On both photos we can see that the display panels don’t feature the infamous notch. The panel of the supposed Nokia X7 looks a bit like the one on Nokia 7.1 Plus, but with white bezels. The panel for Nokia 9 reminds me of Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 phones, with curved edge display. The good thing is, and I hope I’m right, that the display seems less curved than on Nokia 8 Sirocco.

The alleged display panel of Nokia 9 does have a curvy/oval shape and to my eyes this front panel fits well with the backside of the Nokia 9, that was leaked some time ago featuring the penta lens camera setup.

We previously had a leak of a Nokia X7 front panel with notch, but now it looks like that it was either a prototype, a different device or simply the front panel of Nokia X5. Quite some time ago a Lumia-like back side of an unknown Nokia device got leaked, and it seems that it could belong to the upcoming Nokia X7 or Nokia 7.1 Plus, or whatever HMD will end up calling it. The device is codenamed Phoenix and should use Snapdragon 710 as SoC.

We have no official info when will HMD announce their upcoming devices, but early October seems like the most appropriate time, if everything in R&D and manufacturing goes without problems.


Source: Baidu