Nokia X30 does stunning low light images

Nokia 8.3 5G currently has the best camera among Nokia smartphones. Its 64 MP main shooter with pixel binning tech and some Zeiss camera software is offering great photos whether the light conditions are great or not. If you don’t believe me, check the photos often tweeted by Chetan Kale (the latest one below).

However, I have not tried it yet, but those who have say that the Nokia 8.3 will not stay on top for long. The title of best Nokia camera phone will be taken by the Nokia X30 5G once it hits the market. Some reviewers have tested it, including our Abdulla, and the photos that the Nokia X30’s camera can produce are just great. Well, there are many other brands whose midranges take stunning shots, but the X30 could quite simply be a game changer for Nokia Mobile.

The phone may not hit every niche when you look at its hardware specs, but its main camera seems to be capable of taking some nice pictures. A few videos have surfaced on YouTube showing that the main camera shots are quite sharp, with slightly saturated colours, and that the night light mode is much better (compared to the Nokia 8.3).

You can follow this link to check out the image samples, but there’s another YouTuber who’s about to post his review of the X30 and its camera. Abdulla has been working hard lately to post hands-on videos of all the latest Nokia phones, and I just want to give you a quick example of how well the night mode has been improved on the Nokia X30. Here is a nice example of Abdulla’s Bumblebee (to be precise, I am thinking of his yellow Camaro in the picture below). The picture was taken with the Nokia X30.

Here is a short comparison between the X30 and Nokia 8.3 5G low-light images which demonstrate the improvements Nokia Camera 2.0 is bringing. The camera is now able to capture more light thanks to OIS which makes night images brighter, and sharper with more details captured. In the gallery below you are seeing identical shots taken first with the night mode of Nokia 8.3 5G camera and then Nokia X30 5G camera.


So, what do you make of this? It’s clear that pixel binning, image stitching and OIS help the Nokia X30 become a powerful shooter. While low-light shooting seems to be improved, we have yet to see how well the new camera app performs in everyday use and whether the X30 is a good point-and-shoot camera. There is still some place for improvement and hopefully Nokia Mobile will be working steadily on the camera app to make shooting experience better.

Check out our hands on video of Nokia X30 5G.