Is this Nokia’s Penta-lens camera monster?!

I received a photo in my inbox, from someone who also received a photo in their inbox, that allegedly shows the upcoming penta-lens camera monster from Nokia. The Nokia 9 or Nokia 10, or whatever HMD decides to call the device in the end, is rumored to feature a penta-lens camera setup, and now we have a legit looking, real-life photo of something that probably is the upcoming Nokia flagship.

As you can see in the picture, there is an stamp in the corner, but I didn’t find any article at having this pic (Update: It’s here.), nor did a reverse image search help. I have to say that I blurred some numbers on the picture, because whoever leaked this did a poor job in hiding the IMEIs and other numbers that can get the leaker in trouble.

Judging from the pic, the leaked Nokia phone carries the model number TA-1094, that never appeared before in any certification database we monitor. A penta lens camera setup can be seen, with dual LED flash and a IR sensor, forming the perfect circle. We can see the ZEISS logo there, as well as a declaration with 30th August 2018 mentioned and AOP-SKU3, probably referring to the codename of the device, because we earlier heard about AOP (A1P) with Snapdragon 845 and in-display fingerprint sensor.

As always, take all of this with a pinch of salt, because some concept-like images (similar to the one leaked, which looks real-life) were circulating the web, so it is always possible that someone with good Photoshop skills made this one. Though I have to say, it looks real to me.