Nokia 3310 with 24 karat gold covered titanium case made to commemorate Trump-Putin meeting

When two atoms get together, you can expect the burst of energy. When the President of the Russian Federation Putin and President of USA Trump get together, you can expect specially modified, gold plated Nokia 3310, with the 24 karat gold portrait of the charismatic leaders attached to the phone. The meeting of two presidents should happen in Helsinki on 16.07.2018, and to honor that occasion, Russian exclusive phone maker Caviar made this special Nokia 3310.

This phone is called Peacemakers, and its case is made out of titanium, which has been covered in gold by using the physical vapor deposition technique to make the gold plating more durable. The price of the phone will be around 2760 USD, and Caviar didn’t say how many will be built. But, it did say that the first two units will be handed to Putin and Trump.

For the rest of the mere mortals, this phone will be available on July 27, and you can also get it in a less attractive black, titanium or just regular gold plated edition.¬†As I understand, this is just a regular 3310, so no 4G there. I don’t know what to say except, shut up and take my money :).

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