Analyst: One Nokia phone is shipping 10 million units per month

Nokia 105 (2017)

Analyst Pan Jiutang gave an interesting information about Nokia’s performance on the Chinese market and about the production of phones. Mr. Jiutang mentions that between a substantial growth of shipment of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, one Nokia phone also saw a peak of shipments last month, that measured about 10 million units. The device in question is not a smartphone, where HMD has a lot of work to do, but a feature phone.

Analyst Pan Jiutang doesn’t mention what phone is it, but our guess is that it is either the super-affordable new Nokia 105 (2017) or the new Nokia 3310 (2G and 3G). In most markets, like Russia, the most Popular Nokia phone is the Nokia 105, but considering that a lot of smartphone owners bought the 3310 for nostalgia and detoxification reasons on the “Western” markets, maybe the 3310 reached the peak production last month.

It’s good to clarify that the analyst probably measured the production of the device and not direct sales only in China, meaning that most of the 10 million manufactured units of “that particular phone” were exported to other markets. We cannot simply calculate that HMD yearly shipment of feature phones will be 120 million (12 months x 10 million), because shipments aren’t the same every month.

If the analyst is right, and based from other reports from India and Russia, it’s certain that HMD will see year-on-year growth of feature phone sales in 2017. Of course, the smartphone sale will see a growth too, because they are starting from scratch.

via: GizmoChina

Source: MyDrivers